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Marv said:
tomfelock said:
Nolan recommends Plexus to clean the face shield with. Does anyone know if Plexus comes in a pump type container, since spray containers sometimes lose the gas/whatever and one can't get the rest of the product out?
I have had this problem too. It's not the gas that runs out it's the spray nozzle that clogs. I just switch nozzles from a new can.
there is a solution to that, as you finish using the product, turn the can upside down for a short time , the propellant will continue to come out, clearing the nozzle from the inside and no more clogs, how this can be accomplished on the new all angle spray paint cans I have no idea , for now I just set them down beside a sleeping cat and shoot them (the can, ) with a .22 as I know the nozzle will be clogged and the can useless next time
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