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You are being directed to this message because the email address you have on file with the forums is invalid and emails being sent to it are being bounced back as undeliverable. A private message was sent you you by an administrator but has not been acted upon. Since the email address is invalid, there was no other way for the administrators to contact you to request you update the email address.

To update your email address, go to the User Control Panel and under the 'Profile' tab, click the 'Edit account settings' sub-tab. Enter your updated email address in both the 'E-mail address' and 'Confirm email address' fields. BE SURE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT or else you will not be able to login to the forums without contacting an administrator. You also must enter your password into the 'Current password' field and then click the 'Submit' button.

Once you have changed your email address, the forums will automatically send you an email to the new email account containing a link you must load into a web browser in order to re-activate your account. Once you have re-activated your account, log back into the forums with your username and password and follow the instructions below to remove yourself from the 'Email Address Invalid' group.


Please note that if you remove yourself from the 'Email Address Invalid' group without first updating your email address, your account will be set to where you cannot access the forums until such time as you have updated your email address, contacted an administrator, and the specific administrator contacted gets back on the forums to re-enable your account.

Once you have updated you email address, go back to the User Control Panel and click the 'Usergroups' tab. Select the radio button (click the dot to the right of) the 'Email Address Invalid' group. In the 'Select' dropdown, pick 'Resign selected' and then click the 'Submit' button. This will restore your ability to see all the normal forums.
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