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I want this section to be reserved for anyone wishing to write full reviews on any aftermarket products for the Burgman line. This section will be reserved for reviews and not conversation. Once the review is written the post will be locked. This will allow this section to be used as reference and not discussion.

Please include in your topic if its model specific.
Ex: Clearview windshield XXL for the Burgman 650.

I hope this will provide a clean uncluttered one stop shopping for product opinions.


Please comment on all aspects of the product. Example: Quality, fit, price, whom you bought it from and how the sale went, use a 1-10 scale on the specific areas.

Customer service: 9
Fit and finish: 8.5

I would HIGHLY reccomend this product to others.

I paid $225.00 Plus $35 S&H

Bought it from http://www.XXstoreXX.comm

If you have already written a review in the aftermarket section. Feel free to make a copy of the original post and place it in this section.
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