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So with the caution that I have only ridden a motorcycle for 3 weeks and know nothing, here is a pilot report of my BMW test ride. Another thing is my used 2011 burgman has a car tire on the rear and I am thinking of switching it back to a motorcycle tire.

It seems like the BMW has a noisier engine with better and smoother acceleration and less engine braking. It seems better balanced and handles better to body inputs. I kind of liken it to dancing with a girl that knows how to dance and the burgman just resists my dance leads more. The seat is a little higher but not too much and it is more comfortable than the burgmans.

On the down side, the mirrors are vastly inferior to the burgman and I can see my 6 o clock much better on the burgman. The windshield is shorter than on my burgman and there is much more helmet buffeting and road noise. Add this to the engine noise and the bike is just louder. The speed is easier to read on the burgman but the BMW gives you tire pressure date and several other functions.

I like both bikes. I think if I can get the burgman to dance like the BMW I'd be happier
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