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this was from another forum and thought it might be useful here

Luck or not, those are excellent results, Macdoc. At any rate, a bit more than luck is required - such as having a go at photographing flighty birds, again and again and again and...

Onya, for persisting.
You have a point in that it's one of the reasons I chose the Micro Four Thirds format.

the good pictures are taken with the camera you have with you ......

To be able to shoot from the motorcycle and to have a camera with me all the times I need something to fit in my top pocket.
I used to carry a decent Lumix point and shoot....but the AF drove me crazy trying to photograph birds and the big superzooms were - well...too big.

The Gx1 and now the Gx7 fit the bill


become this - the Gx1 on the right has a longer reach than the full sized camera on the left.


Yet the camera goes in one shirt pocket with a sweet prime lens for landscapes and city shots etc.
The 300 mm ( 600 mm equivalent ) goes in the other shirt pocket.
I can shoot from the motorcycle with either lens and if I'm stopped for lunch as with this case

....I have the camera and two lenses at hand.

I usually just stick the long lens on and I can even slip the whole rig in my jacket with no weight on my neck....the lon lens slips into my shirt pocket and takes the strap weight off my neck.

I'm still on a big time learning curve so even with no birds about there is always something to ( the 300 mm does macro at a distance ). - landscapes - sometimes people and I learn a bit each round.

Because it's with me, the unexpected occurs.

Now the Blue faced I was stalking birds

The Babblers...I was having lunch :D

The MFT format means the camera is with me.
And the long lens tucks away nicely.

and even the pancake lens can get some cool shots as it's so fast.

This guy was wailing in at a good clip and again it was shot from the hip - the wide angle worked to my advantage - no way I was getting this with a long lens.
Lose some detail but it cropped out okay.

I didn't need the Gx7 but it's nice to have the next generation. I'll use the Gx1 for rougher conditions - like Monday going off road and keep the Gx7 for tamer circumstances.
GF got hooked on the MFT on our US trip so now we have two camera's with fully interchangeable lenses so we can both shoot.

She's not a birder so I use the long lens and she uses either the pancake or the small light 14-42 zoom.

GF shot this crossing the Millau Bridge

She took this at sunset and Mount St. Helen...both very pleased with it

The nice thing is you go fully auto and rely on the camera or full manual and a whole bunch in between. There is a AF assist - the AF gets close and then you finish the focus manually.

As easy as you want or as manual as you like ....caters to to both.....and they are with us...I drive and she snaps happily away.

I can sit on the bike pull out the camera and get Ken and a lovely early morning shot of the Pacific - point and shoot. :D
Love it.

What I find amusing now is some of the other riders are moving up to better cameras like the Gx series as they see the limits on the point and shoot.
Took me too long to find out.
When you think what travel costs....having a good camera that is always with you is chump change.

I know Bikersmurfer is giving it some serious consideration :D
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