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Petroleum jelly vs butt cream

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Normally after 150 miles I've got a sore one, So yesterday I applied some petroleum jelly including down back of my upper legs And did a 400 mile jaunt.. I was told that tractor supply Sales monkey butt cream... I wanted to give this a go for monkey butt. After 400 miles I was able to climb off and act like nothing Had ever happened, Apparently bicyclists like to use it to . Opinions please
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The 1st 3 posts, p jelly & butt cream, rear ended, and dragging bottom. Can't believe nobody got a vacation yet, lol.
I am 100% serious, what is the problem and what are you lubing up? Actual slippery lube on your butt cheeks!? That'd be like riding after you filled your pants. Do you guys get blisters or something? I have no idea what monkey butt is either. I'm lost, and maybe that's good, but someday I'm sure I'll want to know the secrets.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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