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Performance items for 650

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The mechanic at the NH dealer recently attended training and heard rumors that an EU company is going to make available an oversized piston kit, airbox mods, cam., and turbo for the 650. These will be available for the USA market in about one year, so the rumor goes.

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Sounds very interesting. I've been checking to see if powercommander made a unit that would increase performance by remapping the injection system. They don't make a unit for the Burger. They do make units for every other fuel injected sportbike though :?
@ abm

Sorry, but I never heard anything about a Piston-Kit for the Burgman.
I´m living in Germany and also our community at had not yet heard sonething about something like that.

But: we have informations, that SUZUKI will build a 1000ccm Burgman and maybe it will be available at 2005.
This will be the next logical step.

Greetings from good-old-europe
I'm not sure when the next set of 'new order' tourers will be available, but Honda are widely accepted to be producing a 750 SilverWing which should be available next year at the earliest, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if Suzuki was planning their next steed to win back the crown of the 'world biggest scooter'.

I think it's probably something that will happen in 2006 or so, rather than 2005. The 650 was introduced in 2002 - 3 years is an awfully short product lifespan don't you think? Honda only sold 3,800 SilverWings from 2001 to now (they are presently withdrawn from the market after a recall due to the handlebar scares), so it cant' be profitable for them to do all the R&D again in such a short period of time. I see far more SWs than the mighty AN650s here on the streets of Tokyo, so Suzuki must be in a similar position.
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