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performance enhancements

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Does anyone know of any hop-ups for the Burgman 650? I wonder if the fuel injection can be re-mapped?
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650 hop-ups...

the only thing I know of at this time is a performance exhaust and
maybe a K&N filter.....not heard of or seen anything else, maybe
later on.
I've looked closely at the AN650's module and it's potted (a brick module)
but I can start digging if you guys want.
The Denso ECM module may have surface mounted embedded program
memory with its access fuses broken at the factory.

There is a whole lot that can be enhanced on the 650 if the ECM were replaced all together too.

Anyone here have any experience in engine and emissions control systems?

Should I call Suzuki then Denso, to break the ice?
Or are one of you game?
I'll suggest some very standard questions for anyone who's willing.

There may be contractual agreements between Suzuki and Denso that
guarantees future business for both parties that would in turn lock anyone
else out of looking at proprietary code and its changes.
Then again, if we could find another company to manufacture a replacement module, that would work too but would cost perhaps alot.
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i would also be interested in trying to break into the ecu, wish the us version had the 02 sensor, would make fuel mapping sooo much easier, tho..bought the 650 for my wife, ride sport bikes, but, love this big hog..lemmie know how i could help
Re: performance exhaust

sleibo24 said:
who makes the exhaust
Here are some pics of the Malossi and Leo Vince Exhausts:

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