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Paul in Raleigh, NC

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Just wanted to say Hello, and that I enjoy your site and comments. I am a 38YO male that enjoys many of things. I used your site for my research on a bike/scooter. I could have bought anything I wanted, However I perferred the Burgman 650. I like the european design, the 650cc, and the passenger Xlarge seat for my wife. We enjoy small towns and rural areas to explore and a Harley is definitely not a small town site seeing bike. I purchased my bike/scooter from Honda-Suzuki Motorcycles of Sanford..(NC) for $7450.00 OTD and a 4 yr. warranty from Suzuki. I feel it was a fair price, however I like a great deal not a just a deal. But I am happy with it. I pick it up this Saturday. I will have to truck it home being its only going to be 38* out. Well, I look forward to talking with you all on my experience with it. Thanks
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Hi there Paul and welcome to the site. Congrats on your new purchase. I don't think you will have any regrets . Did you get a chance to test drive one before you bought it? If not then you will even more thrilled with this machine once you get a chance to get it on the road.
Welcome to the Board :D Here's to many happy miles on your Burgman!
Thanks for the warm welcome. I did not get a chance to test drive it yet. However before I hand over the check I will at least drive it around the dealership. I sat on it several time with my wife, and love the feel of it, so I believe if its everything you all say and write about, I will Love it! If it warms up here soon, I will post my first real test drive results. It was 78* here this past Sat & Sun and we are expecting lite accumulation of snow tomorrow??? :roll: Happy New Year to you all and happy scootering!!!
Where are you from

Good Day Paul and your good lady
Hope you are mobile by the time you read this. All Gail and I got was a chance to sit on the bike, but did if fit well. We bought without a test drive and with 3000 miles under our wheels have no regrets. Hope your weather allows you to get out and do some serious testing of the new machine.

Randal and Gail
June 03 Blue 650
Paul in NC,

Geez, I'd love to have a 38 degree day!

Coldest temp I rode my Burgman in was 19 degrees.

Problem here is that the roads are all mucked up with salt and
sand, so I am sitting it out until we get some rain to wash that
sludge away.

Paul in Nebraska
Hello Paul in Nebraska,

reading your posting sent shudders through me - not because of the cold but because of the possible damage the salt is already causing to your unwashed Burgman.

this time last year a few guys on our German 650 Forum posted pictures of satt corrosion to the aluminium parts (wheels, suspension etc)- terrible. Once the corrosion has marked the surface there is no getting it off again.

So unless you took some pre-winter precaution by applying wax spray to these surfaces then you could be in for an unpleasant surprise - i sincerely hope not.
Take care and get that scooter washed off chop chop.
Do not fear Bevan. I picked up my Burgman yesterday in the snow because the anxieties were killing me. But I did trailer it home. It trailers nice :roll: It is only 9* out this morning 20* colder then in the snow yesterday, so thats why I picked it up early. Its sitting in a 55* garage today. It will be 50+* here monday, So I will test ride then and let you know my opinion. No salty road here except bridges when we get these little snow flurries. I will not ride in any inclement weather, to dangerous for me. Well, I can at least polish her up today :D
Good day!
:D :D 8)
This is one Hot little scooter. It was 34* out and I was still able to put on 17 miles today, then had to thaw out :cry: It rides great and handle smaller then it actually is. I am going to have a BLAST with this bike. I am very satisfied even though I bought it without a test drive. I gave it a wax job today too.
Only a couple of things I got to get use too.
1) Let go of the thottle and bam- you drop serious MPH-break your neck type.
2) Light for oil sensor comes on at idle on a small incline.
3) at almost a stop bike goes into neutral kinda soon, while making a tight turn.
Other then that for now...I am loving it.
I was told today by others it looks like a BMW from the front???
See a blue blurrr that's me cruising by ya....
Yeah, driving the scooter takes some adjusting to. I've learned to slowly roll off the throttle when coming to a stop. About the oil level light....I'd check the oil level window with the scooter on the center may be slightly down on oil. I've never had this light come on. The front of the Burgman looks like a sport-touring machine. I've gotten alot of waves from unsuspecting riders...even some Harley guys. Good luck and enjoy a great 2-wheeler. :)
Well you didn't wait long did you ....... :lol: Thats ok ! I had the same oil light come on under the same situation. I've also had people tell me what a nice looking BWM I have What you may want to try is before you start coming to a stop put the machine in manual. Then when you come to your stop put it back in D or auto.
PBeaudoin, When you're two-up
the bike will slow down more gently after letting go of the grip.
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