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PA Scooter Meet was a Success!

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Hi Everyone!

I'd like to thank everyone who attended the PA Scooter Meet this past weekend in Denver, PA. We had a blast! Good riding, good eating and good conversation would describe it best.

Richard Dinning from Ontario and I arrived in the early afternoon on Wednesday and spent some time drying out from the ride through the remnants of Frances. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much spent in the motel due to the steady rain. I usually like riding in the rain, but not after being drenched to the bone after my 5 hour ride there. Wednesday evening, Warren and his wife May from York, PA stopped by in their car to let us know they would be around on Saturday morning with their Silver Wing. Patrick came over to the motel in his car to take Richard and I to get some dinner later on that evening. Late Thursday afternoon, when the rain cleared, I took a little trip around to all the other motels locally looking for John Roman who said he couldn't find us. Never did find him. Patrick came over to the motel on his Silver Wing to take Richard and I to dinner on Thursday evening.

Friday morning, Patrick, Richard and I went for a nice ride out in the country had some lunch etc. When we got back in the late afternoon, Tim Cotter from Philly and Gary Kral from Cleveland were waiting for us in the parking lot. My wife Lisa showed up shortly there after on her Burgman 400 and we all headed out for dinner. Good food and good brew at Stoudt's Black Angus. Tim was kind enough to make sure we all had a little too much by bringing more back to the motel. :) The micro brews went nice with the cigars I brought. Tim is my kind of guy. ;) Patrick even took me up on smoking one of the cigars. There's nothing wrong with Patrick either. :)

On Saturday, Warren and his wife showed up. Our plan was to head to Patrick's house so I could change his Silver Wing's drive belt quickly. Well, you know how quickly works out sometimes. After I got it all apart and started with the cleaning of the inside of the belt case, Warren and Gary were commenting on how well brake parts cleaner would work. Patrick headed out to Wal-Mart on what seemed to be an hour trip. When he got back, it was well worth the wait. The brake parts cleaner spray worked really well! Soon we had everything put back together and Patrick was the proud Papa of a drive belt. We woke Richard up from his little cat nap and his dreams of the metric system. Warren suggested at that point that we should head for his house to change Lisa's oil since he had everything we needed there. So off we went.

Of course Warren thought it best to take us on every back road between Patrick's house and his. Our 30 mile jaunt to Warren and May's ended up being about 115 miles. We all arrived there with big smiles on our faces. Warren is a good group leader for people who like sport riding on the twisties. We will definitely need him to take a group out next year. Warren changed out Lisa's oil and filter and we were off on a highway ride back to the hotel to meet Jeff Chin from Northern New Jersey at 7pm. When we arrived, Jeff called us and told us that he wouldn't be there until 8pm. We decided to head off to a great Italian restaurant and get a table. Jeff's timing was great. He was able to eat dinner with us as well. I give him credit for coming over so late in the evening just to spend some time with us. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff before at Americade earlier this year. Tim left for Philly from the restaurant after buying us a round of beer. Jeff Chin took over Tim's chair and we had another incredible dinner. The food was awesome at every place we stopped. It was nice having Patrick to steer us to all the good places. From there we did our normal nightly routine of gathering around in chairs outside the motel rooms to talk and have some refreshments. Of course that is my cigar time. Richard, Lisa, and Jeff were very appreciative of the cigar smoke. :)

On Sunday, Mickey Hakel showed up on another Burgman 650 to match Richard's. Mickey couldn't stick around because we wasted too much time eating breakfast and packing up. Richard and Gary were planning to leave, but Lisa and I took our loaded bikes for one last ride with Patrick and Jeff Chin to a nearby Lake in a state park. From there we all headed home. As Lisa and I were pulled over near the PA Turnpike entrance to put in our earplugs, Gary stopped by in his pick-up with his loaded up Silver Wing to say goodbye. We got on the Turnpike about 10 minutes after him, but blew his doors off on the way home. :) Since Gary lives in Cleveland, I hope to be able to meet up with him again soon.

We didn't have one Reflex or Helix rider show up. Maybe next year we will be able to attract those riders as well. We had mostly Silver Wings, 2 Burgman 650's and Lisa's Burgman 400. I had lots of email from people who said they would like to be there, but couldn't this year. With Patrick's help, we hope to give you another shot at it next year.

All in all we had a great time and will have more riders next year. We hope to have the 2nd Annual Scooter Meet next September. We need a catchy name for the meet if anyone has any creative juices flowing. PA Scooter Meet is kind of boring. We will keep everyone informed on the next riding event. Thanks to all who joined us and I hope many of you reading this post will join us next year. I think you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little recap on the PA Meet.

Jeff in Pittsburgh
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Glad to hear ya'll had a great time. I'd really like to have a gathering down this way in the future. I think it'd be great to have an 'invasion' of scoots on the Tail of the Dragon. 8)
billmeek said:
I think it'd be great to have an 'invasion' of scoots on the Tail of the Dragon. 8)
I'm in!

PA Scooter meet

Hubby and I would love to check out the meet in PA...just need a time and place. We also have friends that I am sure would love to come...she has a 650 and I a 400. Sorry guess my creative juices arent cant think of a name at this time! :lol: Hope to see a posting for the next meet...hopefully in Sept 05!

Great report Jeff! Thanks! That sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Did you (or any others), by chance, take any pictures? If someone else did do you think you can smooth talk 'em into giving you some copies so that you could lets us see too!?

tia - pete
We there be a meet coming this September?
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