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*Over 200 members and 2000 posts!* Thanks Everyone!

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Just noticed today that the forum broke 200 members and 2000 posts. Just a small milestone. Just wanted to say thanks to all who joined and those active members that help answering questions. This is your web site, you guys/girls are the ones who make this place a success. Thanks again!
(Less than 2 weeks left in the sand!)
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I think the membership numbers and the post numbers confirm what a great place you have set up for the Burgman and other scooter riders of the world. Thanks Bryan for providing such a great place and congrats to you.
Thanks to Green Goose

Thanks to you for all the work on this site. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading, replying and posting messages here. Timothy
Dittos on Congrats to the Goose!!

It seems like almost yesterday, but it's 31 years later that I left Bitburg AB, Germany about the same time that you're coming home. What a great feeling....we all wish you the best!! It's great to be a "short-timer".
Fine Job

Yo Greengoose,

Great site and much appreciated all these months. Now that you're FIGMO, I hope we'll get to see you in Las Vegas soon. I just got home today from a 3 day Vegas foray and sucessfully retrieved my money left behind on my last trip. Temp was 41 night, 60 high during the day.

Keep your head on a swivel.
Many thanks for the great web site. One more thing..............Come home safely. [/b] :lol:
Thanks to you for the furum! :lol:
Every day I try to follow to you :!:
Even if I make hard work translate all! :cry:
The addiction the Burgman is spreading :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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