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Orange County Choppers

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U.S. posters with cable TV would probably be familiar with this TV show (maybe other places too?). You knooooow..... The whole New York angst spaleel - Bi_chy Paul Tuttle Senior getting into a rant/argument with Paul Tuttle junior ..... - you know the whole "dis dat and expletive deleted thing"..... (uh - emphasize the dis an dat..:)

Has anyone seen the episode where the boys just get on the micro scooters and have a whale of a fun time? Even saying in the show that that was one of the "most fun" outings that they had ever had?

Really, IMHO, they should look at OCC-ing a burger, wing, or max. But, being realistic, that might take too long (because, A - they wouldn't know what to do) and a build like that would not garner much attention with the doo-rag V-twin groupy watchers. Sigh, probably a "Neilsen Rating black eye."

One can only wish.... Maybe that idiot on monster garage could pull it off!? :twisted:

Either way, I am glad I'm not part of that herd.

Gotta go Bonus-S the yard! BBL.

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Monster Garage?....NO.... He would end up turning it into a lawnmower or something!!!
I have watched it often and the bikes they turn out maybe are one of a kind art classics and I would love to own one -but I have to tell you I would not be able to go 100 miles with out worrying about something breaking - coming loose - or seizing up .
My life and skin may not be all that important, but it's all I have and I just would not trust it on those bikes.
And owning one just to look at it is not my thing. :(
They had Mikey's Vino up on a lift and deregulated it - new muffler and all. Might have spiffed up the suspension, too. I don't know if it is the same episode in which Paul Sr. receives an ATV for his birthday, but my mind is connecting the two for some reason.

I also enjoy Southern Steel. A couple of good ol' boys down in Lynchburg, VA REALLY fabricating bikes, not simply assembling them. Although those guys are a little goofy, Gary (ZZ Top clone) is a genius in bike construction. Best of all - no arguing!

I can't watch it. Paul Jr. looks like an ex boyfriend of mine and I get sick to my stomach everytime I watch it. :?
hey tilt a whirl!!!

ex boyfriends? well now to be PC - they have gotta be be as bad as ex-GFs! (I shouldn't suppose! :))

Paul Jr., imo, is full of hisself. but...if i hadda dad like that (diz dat and ananudderthing!) maybe id take the same tack as he. 8)

I like southern steel, 'cept I am a (born) Virginian and i find the schkef/schtick/accent thing they got goin sorta strange (like moddaonna said ina rounda bout way)...but hey - then again - i like banjo music too!

now i do like the lack of angst there (southern steel)....the "owner" tends to be a little more laid back. and whats not to like about the ZZ Top replication of that!? And that guy, for sure, is skilled. As ZZ would say....

Drive that 'ol Chrysler to Mexico... !

pedz :twisted:
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Pete a Virginian? Where's your home town? I'm born and breed here in VA. Lynchburg is a big city compared to the little town in which I grew up. Those guys (Southern Steel) talk just like every other person from SW VA (sort of). Lucky them, they have the Blue Ridge Parkway right there!

Norfolk - Didn't stay too long tho. Navy brat. Moved all over all the time. Last time I was there I was living in Fairfax working in McLean. Gotta love the BRP!
I like watching OCC.

They are amusing in a family dynamic sort of way - bit like Ozzies family but in their own idiom.

My fave programme is Norms Yankee Workshop :) :) - but I have to go to the Mother-In-Laws to watch that (I do not have satellite here) - so I ain't seen many - but it is brilliant. I wish I had the space and the $$ for a shop like that.
I like OCC. another good one is Build or Bust, some english bloke Russel White i think is is name, he moved to usa few years ago, great show on Speed.
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