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I have had the beast serviced every 10K. Bought it used at 7K and have used it 24-7 360 days and hate the winter days. But she keeps on trucking. I use High quality oils (read Amsoil) and keep all the fluids changed within their due dates or well before. I have found a change in gear oil alone can improve MPG greatly.

I was once excited to hit 10K then 20K and now with 30K the bike now seems reliable. I've replaced a body panel or two along the way due to a tequila or two, a tire or two from long road challenges and replaced the Givi with another brand of windscreen.

If you treat her right she will reciprocate.

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AB, this is your brother Sub. ;) Where ya been? Havent seen ya on for a while. Wow, 30K. You may catch up to me but never to Buffalo.

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I have ridden a 2012 650 bought new for 20 months, only clocked 11500 miles
So far. I do all maintaining myself, we'll before recommend time. It will probably
Be my last bike, (I am 74). Hope mine holds up as well as your has.

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Maybe beat my 73800 miles - then breakdown.

She has no pwer to the rear wheel (suspected CVT - but now suspect the clutch, what they call the transmission).

Maintenace (minimum, I did myself)-- Changed Engine and Transmision (clutch) oil about every 4K or 5K (Valovoline MC Oil from Walmart and FRAM Filter from WALMART), final gear Lube about every 10K. Ran Car Tire last 30K or so.

Never changed spark plugs or adjusted valves - engine still runs and starts like a champ (does not burn oil and overall avearge 55 to 57 mpg doing mostly East TN Mountains, backroads, curvy roads, gravel roads).

Heck of a machine until she breaks - then expensive to fix if CVT, maybe not so bad if Clutch. One of these days I plan to at least take the clutch case off and look. Failure occurred in NOV. See post on here.

I now own a Burgman 400 (2011 with 5100 miles bought in Dec, 2013). I have only put about a 1000 miles on the Burgman 400. Pulled CVT case off for an inspection - all looks good. Had a heck of a time geting the case off - found out later that it is not unusal for the clutch shaft gets bound (sort of froze) in the bearing that is in the cover.

I LIKE so far. Like better than the 650 in many ways. The 650 is of course better on accleration and will run higher speed (say 105 vs 95), the 650 more solid at 70 or 80mph that the 400. I am not complaing about the 400, just saying the 650 is more solid feling. Most of my riding is around 35 to 55mph and only over 65 or 70mph when on the Interstate to get someplace else to ride. I am not a touring rider, just day rides of 250 to 250 miles.

Also, have a 2008 NINJA 500 I bought in 2011 with 1000 miles on it and now have 44000 (Never did a thing except Oil eevry 4K or 5K - Valvoline and Fram Filters from Walmart and one chain/sprocket replacement). A BUNCH of rear tires (every 6000 to 7000 miles).

I had 87,000 on a KAWA 800 Classic Cruiser and 71000 on a VLX 600 Cruiser whe I sold them. Changed oil every 4K or 5K (same as others)and spark plugs a couple tiems (not needed).

Only Bike I ever had a break down on is he Burgman 650. The others were never in the shop or had any major replacements.

Good luck with your 650s. I would buy another if priced right - say used private party -get 50000 to 100000 miles on it and figure have my money's worth.
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