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I have one of these oil sucking apparatus that pulls oil out of the dipstick. Since the Maj400 has a dipstick, i was looking forward to using it on my 600mi oil change.

I pulled about 1.3Q out with the sucker(Griots) on the center stand. I then pulled the cover for the filter, and more oil came out, ~.1Q. I then pulled the drain plug so i would never have to wonder. Another .15Q came out. Then i tipped the scooter over a little to get that last bit, and a bunch more came out, ~.15Q.

Lesson learned. Good thing the access to the oil change area is so good on the Maj400, i don't mind doing the change the 'conventional' way.

Now i got to change the final drive fluid and she'll be set to go until ~5000mi.

Normally, i have real good luck with pulling most/all of the oil out of my cars with the oil sucker.
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