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From a prior post

Jim said:
I was checking all my fluid levels before I head out for a 6 day run. About 3 weeks ago I had to add about 1/4 qt to the engine. Checking every thing out today, I added about 1/8 qt ( the oil level was ok but I just wanted to top it off). Checking the Trans level, I took the overflow bolt off and about 1/2 Qt of oil came out. The bike runs and sounds fine, but here is the question.

Does the engine and Transmission share the same Oil?
If so what is the relationship between the 2?
Is it possible for some of the engine oil, to go into the transmission?

This would explain adding oil to the engine, and having the transmission too full. I'm not concerened about it just courious.
There is about 1,600 mile since the last oil change.
From pauljo

No. There are three totally separate oil reservoirs for the engine, transmission, and rear drive. That's on the 650. I think the AN400 has two oil compartments - not sure of that setup.[/quote]

I just did my 4th oil change @ 7,300 miles, (3,500 since the last) over to synthetic. Again the engine oil was a little low, but this time I measured what came out of the transmission, 550 ml. !

I fill the transmission through the overflow hole, so it is impossible to over fill it, yet it is.

I understand there are seperate compartments, but is there a breather tube that may connect them? It appears that some of the engine oil is going to the transmission. I have noticed no problem running 550 ml. in the transmission, but untill it gets there, I really watch the oil level in the engine, then add as necessary.

A Real Mystery.
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