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Oil Filter Reviews

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Great link Pappy! I had seen it before but lost the link. I think this is very valuable info so I turned your post into a sticky so that it will remain at the top of the Web Links section and not get cycled down with new posts. Thanks again.
allwalk said:
Great link Pappy! I had seen it before but lost the link. I think this is very valuable info so I turned your post into a sticky so that it will remain at the top of the Web Links section and not get cycled down with new posts. Thanks again.
Glad I cpuld finally offer something besides my inhehent stupidity for a change! :oops:
Pappy, thanks for the link. I don't want to make it sound like I'm posting this to poo-poo your link, but I don't think his analysis was very sound. To me, it seems he cut come cans apart, looked at the contents, and if they appeared to be of high quality construction, he considered it a good filter. Personally, I think he was too keen on the metal end caps and against the paper/cardboard end caps. That really shouldn't matter much. What matters is that the oil goes through the pleats, where the filtering takes place. As long as the cardboard ends keep oil from flowing around the end of the pleats, it should be considered functionally 'good'. What's important is the gluing of the filter element to the end caps, to seal the ends and not let the oil bypass the filter element.

I think he missed the most important part of the analysis -- actual surface area of the filter element. He gave overall dimensions; big whoop. What he should have done is measured the depth of the pleats, the height of the element, and counted the number of pleats, to get the actual surface area. Without doing a much more expensive experiment to find out which brand's element catches more gunk, this would be the best way to estimate how good the filter is. One of the shorter filters had a lot of pleats, and probably does a better job of filtering than some of the taller filters with fewer pleats.

Just my $0.02
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Heh heh. Ain't MY link! Just passing it on to give everyone ELSE an ulcer :p
Oil Filter Review

So you want a review that is more technical?

Sink your teeth into this one! ... OilFilters
Not sure why these guys are getting worked up over cardboard end caps on the filter element. The filter element is made of paper in all these filters. Cardboard is just thick paper. If saturating the cardboard with oil causes it to come apart then saturating the paper element with oil should cause it to come apart also and the elements must be saturated with oil to work. The purpose of the end caps is to hold the pleats apart so that the oil can flow thru the pleats. The force of the flow is thru the pleats.

For what it's worth I've used Fram filters almost exclusively for 40+ years and have never had one to fail and I tend to drive vehicles till they are used up instead of swapping every couple of years. The last pickup I traded in had 196,000+ miles on it. Still had good compression and only used about a half quart of oil between changes which is what it had done since it was new.
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Burgman 650 Oil Filter

Can anyone tell me if the 2006 Burgman 650 uses the same oil filter as the 2004 650 did?

Also, where can I buy the Purolator ML16818 oil filter, it is listed in the Purolator guide, for the 2004 Burgman650?
And if they are the same from year to year, then this will be the number for the filter than I want.
Thank you,
Alb. NM
06 Exec.

I like this study that says NO oil filter is good enough for the Burgman!

NONE are recommended!

I just left the filter off and run it that way! :shock:
Can we get something more current than 4 years old?
This is a subject that gets hotly debated at regular intervals. Do a search on "Oil Filters" and you will find a lot of threads.
This subject, like the darsiding subject will continue on forever--- The trouble with all the shown filter reviews is that not a one has ever tested the filter for actual function. There have been no known or advertised failures of any brand of filter. Lots of anecdotes about opinionated mechanics etc---
I don't think that any one of the filter manufacturers could stand to have a liability lawsuit because of an inferior product that caused engine damage.
I've used Fram Filters for more than 50 years without any problem and probably will continue to do so. Of those 50 years, I worked 35 in the automotive business. No, I never sold Fram filters--- I was in the service equipment business working for a manufacturer.
I never had a filter fail on me either. I used Frams for years, then I saw a cutaway display at my local Carquest. Carquest/Wix filters had ALOT more surface area (pleats). Not trying to start an arguement here, use what you like, I'm using Wix.
I just buy a quality filter...I can change it faster than I can read this thread. I have never had an oil filter fail or cause a problem. :D
Quality brand name filters will all work just fine. Also being in all types of vehicle repairs in my life time I have seen oil filters fail. Were the cheaper line of Napa Silverline. Didn't cause any engine damage just blew out the oil on our police crown vics :(
Never had any engine damage done no matter what brand oil filters or oil. Damage I saw was dirt going through the air filter.
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