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Back 11 years ago, with my first Burgman...I came across an interesting problem with early Gen1s. Didn't affect mine or me...then.

Now, I may have one. The problem: Continued high-speed operation, caused crankcase oil to be blown out the blowby tube, through the sponge filter where it vents into the airbox...and into the airbox itself and throttle-body. All that good stuff.

I didn't think anything of it, buying my 06 - I completely spaced it. Even after I got the mechanic's report, why it wouldn't start as it should. Throttle-body was "dirty" the service writer told me.

How's that, I asked. No air filter? Plugged?

He got cagey. "No...just an old air filter. Really dirty in there."

Okay. That didn't really ad up...until I thought it through, and what I learned years ago.

IIRC, it started happening at a certain road speed or RPM range...hold below it and everything was fine. I think some users found a fix for it, but I don't recall what it was.

Anyone have the details on what it was, and what I can do to minimize it? Keeping in mind that sometimes, out here in a small town, highway travel is sometimes necessary.
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