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Odometer question

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Did any of the 2005 650 Burgman's have an odometer that registered 10th's of a mile, or is there any way to set it so that it does?

My 2003 only shows miles with no tenths.

If I select the trip meter it shows tenths, but not on the odometer.

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To my knowledge, no. I just leave the 2nd trip odometer alone and use it to record 10th's of a mile for fuel calculations. My '09 has never been reset.
Bill-Bill said:
Bet it reset at 10K, I know mine did. The trip meter would only go to 10K on my 09 and then reset.
It rolled over but keeps the 10th's so you just add them to the odometer.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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