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Odd Sound When Switching from D to M

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Have a 2012 650 Exec with just over 3,000 miles. Tonight was the first time that I heard an odd sound coming from under the service lid when I would switch from D to M or engage the Power mode. Now obviously I could only hear this at low rpm's but I'm assuming it's doing it all the time when I switch. I wouldn't call it a grind but it sounds kind of like something being shifted from gear to gear...I's hard to explain. I have never heard this before and just wondering what the Burgmaniacs think.

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Light squealing noise as the pulleys adjust and belt retensions, normal.
Noth said:
Happens almost every day.. should I only do this when stopped? Will it damage the transmission at that speed?
It takes a shorter time to adjust at speed, in the grand scheme of things it shouldn't matter this is what it does by design.
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