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[AN650 2002, 26400 km]
Does somebody have this problem? Or ideas.
The fork or the steering column emits small "clac clac" small asperities of the road, or on the paving stones. And, but it's perhaps not the same problem, Burg has vibrations, whirrs (resonances), since 130 km/h (80 Mi) on the side of the handlebar.
The bearings of wheels are new and the nose gear wheel is balanced perfectly.
What do you think about it? Thank you for your ideas :idea: .

Quelqu'un a t'il eu ce problème ? Ou des idées.
La fourche avant ou la colonne de direction émet un petit clac clac au passage de petits aspérités ou sur les pavés. Et, mais c'est peut-être pas le même problème, le Burg a des vibrations , des ronflements, depuis 130 km/h du côté du guidon.
Les roulements de roues sont neufs et la roue avant est parfaitement équilibrée.
Qu'en pensez-vous ?
Merci pour vos idées.

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abm said:
WAS that an automated translation?
Yes, partly, some (much) words are unknown to me.
I am sorry, at 44 y old... I lost much lessons of the school ! What frenchs and their training of the foreign languages! I am a perfect specimen. Bad, bad, bad

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clacking coming from front

I think that you will find that the "clacking" is very possibly the front
disk pads rattling. They do on mine to a small degree....if you will apply
just a small amount of force to the front calipers via the front brake lever,
the clacking will go away, it does on mine.....its not a problem, its just
annoying, but I feel better just knowing what it is. that its nothing
serious. Cars can do the same thing, thats why they make that spray
lubricant called "Disc Quiet"..... Hope this helps.

Gib McKain
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