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I bought a set of the new Non Skid Pocket Liners from Jac Vinson about a month ago. These come in a few different materials, and are pre-cut to fit the glovebox and upper side pockets on the AN650. There are four inserts in all (two for the lower glovebox, one each for the side pokets). You'll have to contact Jac regarding the different materials available, because his website just shows one variety, which incidently is the type I bought.

These liners have an adhesive backing that holds them securely in place. (There is one type that simply slide into place, all the others have adhesive backing.) A bit of care is needed in positioning them after peeling off the backing cover. I did get a little bit crooked on one, but was able to peel it free and reposition it. (I had not completely pressed it in place. You can pretty much tell at about the halfway point if your alignment is good or not.) Fit was pretty good. I had to trim just a tiny bit off of the border of one of the two glovebox inserts with my pocket knife - no big deal.

Overall, I like my front storage compartments a lot better now, and I think this product was worth the $15 cost. Yes, you can buy some shelf liner at the dollar store for less money, but all these compartments are irregular in shape, and trimming the material to fit is a challenge. I was working on that when I learned these were available. The custom pocket liners look a lot more professional in appearance than anything I would have done on my own - and were a lot less effort to install.

I do have a couple of suggestions for Jac.

The website should be updated to show all of the varieties of these liners. I may have preferred a different variant, but that was very difficult to determine without seeing all of them. It would be even better if he could put together a sample sheet, with a small swatch of each material on it (kind of like the stores have for furniture upholstery). I would have gladly paid a dollar or two for a sample sheet so that I could touch and feel the material before making a purchase decision. If it would cost more than that for the sample sheet, he could make it a deposit transaction, refundable upon return of the sheet in good condition. Basically, you'd be paying postage costs.

I'd also prefer that the rubber on the type that I bought was a little tackier. If I place my calculator in a side pocket, it will still slide around some when I ride. The important thing is that it won't get scratched up now from plastic sliding against plastic, so this is a nitpick in a way. Some of the other liner materials available might have better grip - I'm not sure.

Overall, I'm pleased with the product.
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