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No Spark!

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Hi all.
I'm new here. I have posted in the introduction section! I'm in the UK in Boston! I'm really hoping you guys can help me. I have a K2 400. My wife and myself went for a ride 3 weeks ago. Got to where we were going no problems at all. Never missed a beat! Started her up (the bike lol) to ride home and the engine just died :twisted: ! No warning signs at all! :shock: Turns out I have no spark. :( I have tried the following...

replacement CDI unit, no change.
replacement pickup coil, no change.
replacement HT lead and cap, no change.
replacement plug, no change.

I have checked the kill switch, side stand switch, safety relay. All function correctly. I had a poor earth connector that I have replaced. Single wire connector down by the generator/pickup connectors. I have checked for continuity in the wiring from pick up coil to CDI, coil to CDI, OK. EVERYTHING else on the bike works ok, all the lights, guages, etc. I have battery volts at the ignition coil when I switch the bike on. I get nothing the other side (on the wiring, goes through coil windings ok). I have good in spec ohms readings from ignition coil primary and secondary windings. I had good readings from the old pickup coil too, but I don't seen to have an actual signal from it! That's why I replaced it but that doesn't appear to give a signal either!!

It's like something just dropped off or broke, but I just can't find it!!! Like I said, no warnings, just died... No miss fire, coughing, stuttering, nothing.

Turns over on the starter absolutely fine, fuel pummp works... All seems to be there except the spark!!!

If anybody has any ideas, PLEASE.... I'm becoming "blinkered" by it all and losing my patience with it...

Please please help...

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I went through a similar problem with a 2008. Granted.... There is a lot of difference between a US spec scooter and yours, but here is what I found on mine...

I bought it as a project bike, it looked like a Rukus on steroids. All the running gear was there but it had been kept beneath a plastic cover for a couple of seasons and was subject to constant ground moisture trapped beneath the plastic.... It simply wouldn't start. No spark but turned over. I cleaned all the connectors, and fuse block, I replaced the fuel pump and side stand safety relays, along with the ICU and tipover switch....still nothing. Someone told me about the 100 ohm resistor located behind a panel on the ignition switch. When I checked it I found it highly corroded. I cleaned it with contact cleaner. I pressed the start button and it fired right up. If the ICU does not see this 100 ohm feed back, it will not start.

When I was troubleshooting mine, I read that some Burgman scooters, possibly the European and UK models have a transponder key that must be matched to the ignition before the "RUN" circuit is energized. It could be a defective transponder key, or you are not getting 100 ohm feedback to the ICU to enable the starting circuitry.

I hope this helps...

Worcester Massachusetts
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