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Any members in the NJ NY area.
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Can't believe that I am the only one on this great web site in my area.

Keeping this post up in hope that someone will see it and would like to ride together, I now have another Burg 650 owner who lives in Brooklyn who rides with me sometime.
I will let my Buddy in Brooklynwho also has a 650 knows and I am sure will will huck up. Lets us know when you are back.
Cgogh you are real close, I am in Wayne a lot. Which dealer did you use for your service.
Pauljo I am sure you ment 03 not 04. I got mine this past Feb but did not start to ride till March and I only have 810 miles. You Guys sure ride a lot, I have to split my time between my burg and my jet ski.
In addition to getting a few week off over the winter months, I take July and August off every year so I can enjoy my summer toys. Yes life is hard when you get up and look in the garage and say what should I ride today the road toy or the water toy.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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