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Im picking up a 2004 650 tomorrow...will be using the site a lot. Ive bee a rider since 1964 and owned a lot of bikes. I just sold my Goldwing and decided to go with something lighter and fun to ride.

I will update profile later as I broke my collar bone a 2 ribs and can only type with left hand at the moment.

As with anything that has wheels problems can be expected. Is there anything I should be aware of with a 2004? Are you enjoying yours? Is there an online maul I can look at?

Looking forward to riding again....4 weeks and I will be spending time here checking out your comments and suggestions!

Thanks in advance

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Vet, Welcome to one of the best forums out there. We do have a lot of info for ya. And over on BurgmanRiders.ORG too.

On the 04, the early ones had the same bad wheel bearings that the 03's had.

The 02-04 CVT is one noisy puppy. There is a Polish made adapter that fixes the "Diesel" noise for about $230ish and a couple hours time.

No "OverDrive" but guess what, it will be in almost the same RPM at 80 MPH as my 08 in auto. I may get maybe 200 less RPM in 6th that your topped out 5th.

The 04 does have a feature of shutting the headlights off while cranking, the 20-03'sdid not. There are more but someone else will come and remind me what I forgot.

Take time to heal, pushing it with a bad wing only makes it worse.

Will wait for your updated profile but toss us a bone, where in the world are you?
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