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. Do vibrations from the engine reach the handlebars?
It's a detuned water jacketed twin - pretty smooth - no difference from my ST1100 V4 so that's saying a lot.

2. Do you feel heat coming from the bike?
ZERO- the ST1100 on the other hand....urk in the city.
3. I ride pretty much year round and need extra watts for heated gloves and full heated jacket. Can this bike handle the extras?
Yes tho with all the coverage up front you may find you won't need much. The first thing for all year is get the wider Clearview screen. It's what Suz should have put on in the first place - I also ride all year tho spend the core of winter in Australia

4. The majority of my riding is solo commuting to work
Brilliant - you'll love the ease of handling and up to 60 mpg the Exec might out accelerate your current ride if you hit the power button - you;ll be surprised and it's a treat in the twists and THAT surprised me.
You will also embarrass many other bigger machines off the line.

but I do one or two long trips per year and sometimes two-up. Does the 650
handle two-up well and is the seat comfortable for a passenger?
Long trips no issue - two up I have no experience - I've put 1,000 km a day on more than might consider a third party seat with a decent backrest but the Beadrider is a cheaper and comfie alternative

5. Do those of you who came from other bikes regret coming to the Burgman?
43 years riding - best all around bike I've owned. My ST1100 in Aus is so sweet on the highway but I'd take the Burgman over for anything under 80 mph.

I ride 30,000 KM per year - 3 different bikes - KLR650, Burgman 650 Exec, ST1100 Honda....I ALWAYS miss the Burgman cept in the dirt and even then on dirt and gravel it's okay.
Mud and sand - it's the KLR
I'm sure I forgot something but that's enough for now.
To buy one :D
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