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I have a B650 Exec 06.

This was my first bike ever .. and have not regrets .. do occasionally lust over other ST bikes that I envison myself on .. but haven't made any decisions to trade at this point.

I ride roughly 5000km per year .. combination of commuting and weekend jonts.

1. Do vibrations from the engine reach the handlebars? -- No have not had any vibrations at all.
2. Do you feel heat coming from the bike? - No heat from the bike commuting or highway .. expells it's heat very well.
3. I ride pretty much year round and need extra watts for heated gloves and full heated jacket. Can this bike handle the extras? I have added 2 cig adaptors wired to the battery for radio, gps etc .. and added heated grips and aux lighting .. bike handles it all very well.[/i]
4. The majority of my riding is solo commuting to work but I do one or two long trips per year and sometimes two-up. Does the 650
handle two-up well and is the seat comfortable for a passenger? I have only done a little 2 up .. most of my riding is solo .. but havn't had complaints on the pilon seat on rides of 1 hr.
5. Do those of you who came from other bikes regret coming to the Burgman? [i]didn't come from another bike .. do get the occasional jokes from guys at work about riding a "scooter", but always reply that at least i am riding .. when they have their chromed HD in the garage as the sun is not shining the right way or there are clouds in the forecast. Other friends who ride Goldwings, BMW K1600 etc .. all have no issues with being seen with the Burgman in their group .. it's great at highway speeds, comfortable etc. I'm here to enjoy my ride .. not to ride the bike others think i should have.[/i]
get the bike .. am sure you'll enjoy it. The automatic is fantastic in traffic ..
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