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1. Do vibrations from the engine reach the handlebars?

Not that I'm aware of and the engine is very smooth.

2. Do you feel heat coming from the bike?


3. I ride pretty much year round and need extra watts for heated gloves and full heated jacket. Can this bike handle the extras?

Based on other riders here, yes.

4. The majority of my riding is solo commuting to work but I do one or two long trips per year and sometimes two-up. Does the 650 handle two-up well and is the seat comfortable for a passenger?

Only done this once or twice, seemed fine to me.

5. Do those of you who came from other bikes regret coming to the Burgman?

No regrets despite my '03's CVT issue. The only bike I had before was a pair of Honda Helixes. If theres anything stock the bike lacks it's a better suspension but there are aftermarket upgrades that improve it.
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