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New to me Burgman 650-need info

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Just got a 2006 Burgman 650. Have had lots of other bikes but new to the maxiscooter segment. Paid $3K with 13,000 miles. Could not let it pass for that price. However, this bike has no owners manual. I found a link for downloading the service manual for free-which I did. Is there any downloads for the owners manual? Need the basics on maintenance, operation ect.
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We have gone through the debate on what is a "scooter" and what is a "motorcycle" many times before. Usually it revolves around where the engine and transmission are located. Sometimes the argument mentions where the gas tank is located.

Consider this...Honda has just come out with 5 models with the same engine, same automatic transmission, same frame, same wheels and tires, same 70 mpg fuel consumption, same suspension (with minor adjustments)...but with different external bodywork to make it appear that they are totally different bikes. Four are sold as a "motorcycle". One is sold as a "scooter". What can you point to that defines the Honda NC700D Integra as a "scooter"? ...except that Honda is marketing it as one. The only other thing I can see as a difference between the Honda NC700X, NC700S, NC700D, CTX700 and CTX700N is the NC700D Integra has a full fairing that blends into the floorboards. The CTX700 has a fairing, but no floorboards. Just footpegs. It's a "motorcycle", not a "scooter". So does that mean that if you have footpegs on your Burgman...650, 400 or 250...that you have a motorcycle? :lol:

In Honda's case, it seems they chose to market the Integra as a "scooter" for comparison purposes. Here are some quotes from a review that didn't seem like the standard rewording of an advertising brochure. ... world.html Here's a quote that indicated to me that Honda was very shrewd to dress up a motorcycle in scooter clothes.
At such a (fast) pace, the Integra is better than any scooter, handling is within the 600 c.c. street bike category standards.
As you would expect, a full fledged "motorcycle", even when disguised as "scooter", comes out best in the suspension department.

Probably describing the Integra the name scootercycle sounds better, although its rather a motoscooter, that is more a bike than a scooter.
There were a lot more words in the review that basically said they were having the same problem...what is a "scooter"? And what is a "motorcycle"?

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