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New to me Burgman 650-need info

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Just got a 2006 Burgman 650. Have had lots of other bikes but new to the maxiscooter segment. Paid $3K with 13,000 miles. Could not let it pass for that price. However, this bike has no owners manual. I found a link for downloading the service manual for free-which I did. Is there any downloads for the owners manual? Need the basics on maintenance, operation ect.
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Can be bought here. Don't know of a download available.

'06 650 ... KU/1142021
'06 650 Exec ... KU/1142022
radman said:
Any way to disable killing the engine when putting down the kickstand?

Is it even possible to scrape the sides of a Burgy?

How many riders trailer their 650 and then go riding when they get to their destination?

What kind of antifreeze does the Burgy use? Standard green, ethylene glycol?

BTW, do they have to be called "Scooters".
One could bypass the switch but you be risking a runaway bike if anyone touched the throttle sitting there.

Yes I've scraped the centerstand and others have done more than that.

I had once trailered mine to Moab, UT on a Jeeping trip and rode it over in Colorado.

Yes regular green anti-freeze is fine.

Because a scooter has an automatic and low step through.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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