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HI, my name is Anthony, I am from Arlington, TX and am new to scooters I am seriously considering buying a 2013 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive, I have ridden HD Electra Glide, Honda bikes and trikes, just want to make sure.
Though I am leaning toward the Burgman, no clutching, heat, etc.
Question, is the 650 a good all around bike/scooter for all year round driving, (sensibly of course, and within reason.

Thank you all for your responses in advance.
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Best all around bike I've owned in 40+ years of riding.
Weakness is the suspension. The rest including fun in the twisties is excellent.

I put a lovely 200 miles on today ranging from tight lakeshore roads at slow speeds to 80 MPH on the slab coming home and the two riders on naked bikes who cruised by looking smug when I was dawdling in the slow lane didn't like wind above 80 - I did beat them home tho not by much. **** thing is thirsty above 65 or so.

Welcome - enjoy. :thumbup:
Welcome, Anthony! You'd love the 650 and, if you can get by on less power may want to check out the 400. You're in my old stompin' grounds, having grown up in Cowtown as well as living in Arlington while I went to UTA. I've ridden my 400 there from Grand Junction, Colorado and back, and had a great ride. However, as some sections of Interstate in Texas have gone up in the speed limit, the 400 would be at or near its max. Both are great rides.
Welcome, and may I add my 2 cents as well, I have like you owned several bikes in my life time the last two I have owned were the 400 burgman and now the 650 burgman both Great bikes but I like the 650 better for me, being a big man at 6'2" and around the 270 mark I got more room on the 650, there are many, many things you can add to theses bikes to make an even better bike out of her just search this site and start asking questions you will not find a better source of people and ideas. I for one am Very happy I went with the 650 the first thing I did was have the seat re-done so it would be more to my liking, See this site for more info -- -- just some info for you I would also see KiwiDave saddlebags racks and cases if you need even more space. as for the speed and milage all folks here are right when they say the millage is not that great at first once a new bike does break in it does get a little better, the best is around 45 to 60 mpg which depends on your speed and driving habits, but I can say for sure that once you start riding this bike for quite awhile your going to really like it and don't worry about gas at this time. the newer bike are even better then the last 5 years back or so; not that there is anything wrong with them mine is a 2011 but from what I have heard and seen on the web there is a few more add on's to the 2013 model that is nice. But I for one have not looked back and I do not miss the bigger heavier bikes of my past being a somewhat older man now I just enjoy the ride with out any of the weight and noise on my knees, feet, and hearing, but to each there own, I still ride with lots of friends and we all ride differnet machines. One of the best things about my burgman is that now famous
you too will have it if you go down that road. I hope I was a little bit of help; Suzuki has made a great bike others are close but still not as good just my 2 cents worth, Ride safe and happy trails. Zack
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You guys are Great! And I really appreciate all the info and comments, I am 59 so image is not that important I just want to ride 2-up (wife) on the 650. One thing I would like to have since I am a musician is some type of audio system, any suggestions. Has anyone heard of or have any experience with ( audio system).

Thanks again for all the info.
I have been on many forums including the Harley and Gold wing forums they are good forums, but I must say the folks on this forum (burgman) are really great and extremely helpful and knowledgeable.. Thanks again.
Can't go wrong with the 650. 2013's are still not out in the USA. Should be able to find a left over 2012 or even a 2011 at a good price if you don't want to wait. Me I found a good price on a used 09 & went with it over a new left over 2011 I was looking at. :wink:
Hey Anthony,
I live in Richardson and have owned a 650 since 05.
I would be glad to discuss with you about the bike and
The many values it offers to riders.
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