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I bought a new set of OEM Bridgestones for my 400. Just thought I'd share my real world data with you. Not being a wrencher, my local dealer, LA Cyclesports, sold and mounted the tires.

I casually negotiated with them - saying I didn't expect the cheapest Internet price, but I didn't want to pay high retail either. I got both tires for $192. Labor was 1 hr. of tech time, $105.

Mileage on old set:
Rear: 6200 miles (probably had a couple hundred more to go based on the wear marker). 75% around town, 25% highway day trips. 2-up about half the mileage. Always 36 psi.
Front: 13665 miles. Still had decent tread, but ride quality due to cupping was beginning to irritate me. Always 25 psi.

Ride home on the new shoes was very nice - smooth and quiet.
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