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New scooter question

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Here is a question that I intend to ask my dealer, but they are not open on Monday, so it will have to wait until Tuesday....

I recently purchased a 650 (my wife has an Atlantic 500), and I noticed that when backing up, the bike does not free wheel. There is some significant resistance. With the Atlantic, there is no resistance when backing up (like it is in neutral), so I am wondering is the resistance normal? The parking brake is off, but could it be that a brake not disengaged? There is only 75 miles on the bike, so I just want to make sure that I get it straightened out before I damage anything.

Thanks for your reply.
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Mine is the same way. There always seems to be a small amount of tension on the belt. It does seem to be worse on a cold weather start up and is easier to back up when it warms.
I ordered the aircraft tug option...... only joking.
I always back mine out of the garage and turn it BEFORE I start it, so I
have a direct forward ride-off after starting. There is no resistance when it is not running. I would assume that what you are experiencing is simply due to the parts & oil being cold - and maybe it fast idles enough to partially engage the clutch.
pauljo said:
...There is no resistance when it is not running...
The 650 is an s.o.b to push when its not running and I don't know anyone living that pushes one when it is running.

I had to wear heavy-palm gloves when pushing mine because of hand stress if it had to go very far, especially up any kind of incline, anywhere.

To make matters worse, the side-stand has to be tucked in to walk it or you'll get the ankle crushing message to do so.
Then, when the side-stand is up you may not falter because there's nothing holding on to it except you.
What I found out

I found out from another list, that the Burg's transmission has gears vs. the standard belt drive of other scooters. This was the reason given for the difference.

Ha, ha - I liked the comment about the TUG! Good one.
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