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New review 650 Burgie

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Wow someone that likes what we already know is a great ride. :thumbup:
Wow someone that likes what we already know is a great ride. :thumbup:
I agree it makes a change to read some favourable comments regarding what we already know about our great scoots.....but am I being a bit 'picky' that I feel frustrated at these bikes/scoot reviewers when they write stuff like...'it hasn't got a clutch', and 'the EXCELLENT suspension soakes up the bumps'?

My 2012 Exec has got a clutch, (but not a clutch lever) ....nor does it have Excellent suspension !

Perhaps I need to get out more ! :rolleyes:
Personally I like it better when some one is talking them down , that way I / we get to buy used and most new ones for less . Being able to buy a 650 burg with say 5000 miles on it for 3K is a gift from the scooter gods .

Since I live in the U.S. and scooters in general haven’t caught on here I get to buy them on the cheap , I’m not complaining . In fact I would say it doesn't get any better than this .

The Burg's suspension works pretty well on smooth roads. Perhaps they just keep the roads in better condition in the UK? Or perhaps they just generally have bikes with crap suspensions over there so the Burg shines in comparison?

Thanks for the link, Chérie!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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