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New owner in Atlanta Area

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Just found this forum and I'm very glad I did! Been browsing for a couple of minutes now and I've already found some info I need for enhancing my Bergman.

I got into scooters last fall (after a heart attack & quad by-pass) when I decided it was time I did something just for me! Bough a Derbi Boulevard 150cc, but quickly outgrew it (although it was a good scooter to learn on and get my motorcycle license).

Bought my 2004 Bergman 400 (blue) in April and with 0 miles on it and I've just turned 3,000 miles of ride time. I highly recommend it for cross-country and have no problems keeping up with my Harley friends on weekend jaunts!

Hopefully I'll be able to add some of my own knowledge and experiences to the discussions ya'll are having here.

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Welcome to the BurgmanUSA forums Thumper. Glad to have you join our happy group.
Hi Thumper and welcome to the forum. :hello2:

Look forward to posts of your experiences and pics of the mods you do! :wink:
Welcome, Thumper!

I look forward to scheduling that ride!

Welcome to the friendliest and most informative place on the WWWW (Whole World Wide Web)!


Greetings also Thumper and welcome to the forum.
Way to Go Thumper!

Good to hear you are enjoying the 400 so much. I have not had the opportunity to take a long trip with my 400 yet, but am looking forward to my first next moth. It is good to hear some positive feedback on long rides using the 400. Stay well and enjoy.
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