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New Owner Here

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Hello every one. New 2011 400 owner here. Not new to the site because I had at one time the Burgy 650. I really like this 400.
Well you won't believe what happened when I took possession of the bike and headed home. Got about 4 miles and decided to maka stop at a store. I noticed the front brake was weak. Left the store and had no front brake and heard a rubbing noise coming from the front. Well, I pulled into a parking lot and noticed that BOTH front calipers were off the rotors.
The lower caliper bolts were missing. Needless to say I was a tad bothered by all of this. Called the store and they came and picked me up. When I got to the store the bike was taken in and gone over for two hours.
The store owner ripped the service department a new one. My sales guy, who is great by the way, couldn't stop apologizing.
Even got lunch out of the deal.
Anyway all is well that ends well. Love the bike and changed the oil in it as soon as I got home.

I do have a question. Does anyone know how to change out the marker light that fits between the head light and turn signal bulb?
Thanks in advance and glad to be back in the Burgy saddle.
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"considering what just happened , that's a great compliment to the service department, you are to be commended for not leaving large and multiple sweaty butt prints on the window glass of the show room every morning for them to see when they get to work, with a designating arrow as to where to kiss on each one and a circle in brown lipstick" <----------------------MIKEY MARINE'S QUOTE!

Mikey.!!!!!! Do you have someone write all this hilarious s h I t you write..?????????????? :lol: :lol:
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