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New Owner from South Africa

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Good day fellow Burgman riders.

My name is Anand, from India, relocated to South Africa 2 years back. I have been riding scooters for about 20 years now, mostly under the 200cc category.
About a decade back, when i first witnessed the beauty of a Burgman in Italy, it was first love. The sheer presence and comfort took my breath away. Fast forward to 2023, I was looking to get myself a a good mid range (above 400cc but under 800cc) scooter as my weekend rider. In Johannesburg, the new options in the market were limited to Kymco Ak550 and the Tmax, in the used market there was the Burgman 650, SYM 550or650 and the BMW GT650. The scooter market here is very very limited and the tmax is still very new in SA market to be available in used condition.

I was looking with my eyes peeled since Jan for a Burgman or a BMW. Towards march, surprise surprise, a Burgman 650 was listed on a local dealer website. this was 2015 model with 47,000KMS on the ODO, for $4000. I went to look at it with my wife; she was beautiful. very clean, well-ridden and taken care of. The dealer threw in new sets of tires and a new batt as well. While we were doing the paper work, a 2015 BMW C650GT was listed at another dealer with 23,000KM for $4200. this was the Hardest choice i had to make. At the back of my mind the belt replacement cost of the Burgman was a factor as it was nearing 50,000KM. I took a look at the BMW, it also came with a topbox (which i didnt really need) but in the end it was no where close to the looks like the Burgie. Came back and finished the paper work, got an extended 3 year warranty on the transmission and other engine components.

It been almost 2 months now and shes rides fantastic!!

Happy to be part of this forum as i was reading thru so much here before i closed the deal.

Some pics below

Tire Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Car Plant
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Welcome Anand in this wonderful forum.
Ciao from Italy, Daniele
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