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New Owner BK 650 Ohio

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I have had my BK (Burgur King) 650 for about a month now. Time for the 600 mile service. I was quoted $135, is that a good deal?
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Hey Jim. Welcome to the BurgmanUSA forums. Nice to have you join us. You might want to read this thread as it discusses service cost :
Hi Jim22

First of all welcome to the Forum. :hello2:

There have been many discussions about the cost of the 650 service, in fact using the search facility reveals a current poll on 650 Burgman costs, you can read that here:

Edit: I see Bill beat me to it - I am a slow typer and it is a helluva long cable from here :wink: anyway you can see while the price you have been quoted is not the lowest, it is also not the highest - although the poll refers to the 4000 service which I believe has a few more maintenance operations.

However, as I am sure you would agree, price should not be the sole determinant. There is some apparent controversy over what some dealers say they will do at the 600 service, what they actually charge and their pricing structure. You need to assess the dealer and his shop (if possible talk to the wrench operator. Determine exactly what the dealer intends to do at the Service, his pricing structure and preferably leave some sort of witness marks so you can be 100% that the work has been done - then you will get close to achieving value.

I have to say the 600 service is straightforward and if you have the Service Manual and the skills it is no big deal. It is essentially bolt checking (nothing rattling loose since PDI), fluid level checking, oil and filter change - that sort of thing. As long as you buy genuine Suzuki parts (get an invoice) and do the required service items in accordance with Suzuki recommendations then your warranty should still remain valid (but check your local laws - I speak only with UK experience).

Stay safe.
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Hi Jim and welcome to the forums. Glad to hear the first stage of your breakin is over.
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