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New Option for lost keys

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It became received wisdom that if you lost the keys to your that you were in for an expensive rekeying and lock replacement exercise seems these guys are doing what the Suzuli dealerships should have been offering all along:

eBay uk
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+1 Jim is hIghly recommended.

bulldog89 said:
Before my Burgman I had a Piaggio MP3 and on the forum Modern Vespa, there is a member, JimH who is a locksmith, he has done a lot of keys for members of the forum and has helped a lot of them with questions, including me.

I would highly recommend checking him out for key related questions. He is out of Maine but I believe has done keys for members of Modern Vespa around the world. The name is Absolute Lock and Key and the website is
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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