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New NW Arkansas hello

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Good morning, I'm Mark from Siloam Springs, I've just joined the world of scooters with a 7000 mile k3 400. I've been riding motorcycles since I was ten with my first being a honda trail 90 and have never been able to get it out if my mind. I loved the step through frame and the gas mileage so here I am again. I plan to ride the bike daily to work and back 54 mile round trip and to camp off of it. I've read about three quarters of the post dealing with my age of bike before buying it. I had an adventure getting it home which I posted under the k3-k6 site. The bike needs a small amount of love now but that's half the fun.


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Welcome to BUSA from the Heart of America, Kansas City! Definitely come to STO in mid September
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