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Hello all! I just purchased an '07 Burgman 650 which will share my garage with my '03 Silverwing. I sold my last Goldwing about four month ago to downsize due to increasing arthritis in my knees. The lighter weight SW and now the Burgman scooter is a lot easier on old legs. Looking forward to learn and share on this forum.
A bit of a bio: I worked for Boeing on the Minuteman Missile telemetry testing for nine months in 1962 then hired on with the FAA as an electronic tech working in Alaska from '63 to '92 when I retired. I also flew a bit of air taxi bush in Kotzebue, AK which is about 200 miles North of Nome on the NW coast. I've ridden bikes starting with a Cushman scooter in 1956 and have owned a wide variety over the years, from the '49 Cushman, 52 Cushman Eagle, Triumph Thunderbird and many more culminating in the Goldwings, a '80 GL1100, '84 GL1200SEI, '93 GL1500 Aspencade and lastly the '01 Gl1800. I sold the 1800 bought a Silverwing 600 scooter and finally found a real nice '07 Burgman 650. The SW was great and fun but the comparison between it and the Burgman is a lot like a Chevy compared to a Caddy.

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Welcome. Sounds just like my story. I had samller bikes first, then Goldwings 80,93,94,96, and a 2001
Finally sold the 01 and bought a 03 Silverwing, wasn't quite what I wanted...sold it to a friend and bought
a 05 650 Burgman with only 4400 miles on it. Changed the windshield, added a backrests for me and pass.
and now just loving it.


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Welcome exavid...
sounds like you might have been around when I drove into
Anchorage in Sept. '71. Stayed for a week while my moving van
got unloaded, & my truck got fixed-up for the 7 day return
trip back down to the '48.
Driving around the old seaplane base, I accidentally pulled out
in front of a bushplane that was taxiing..ooopppss....had to
back up...airplanes had the Right-of-Way...waved my apology.
Got a polite wave in return. :salute:
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