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There is currently a lot of discussion on Australian Scooter Community forum about some new Maxi's .The Maxsym 400 ,new Yamaha Tmax 530 and the BMW 600 series are getting a lot of glory heaped on them .
My assessment of these products is that how can you judge these new models that have yet to prove themselves
Admittedly the Burgman 400 and 650 look a little dated and some minor cosmetic alterations plus some new colour combinations may lift their image but the Burgman's have been giving good riding experiences for over 10 years .
They are tried and tested but nobody is saying that.
Maybe Suzuki should get its designers etc to hit the market with some new and more popular designs /colours etc
Hows about a seat that you can sit on for 200klms and not have a sore butt ,slightly larger wheels and tyres ,a dash you can read when the sun is shining on it and a reduction in total weight and more bright decals
Black and dark grey are being criticised as being a no no for safety reasons
We don't get White ,yellow ,green or blue burgers in Oz so how about it .
Don't get me wrong ,I lurv my Burger even if it is black .
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