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New Helmet

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Well I hit the motorcycle show here in Toronto last night. This show is more of a dealer show compared to a manufactur's show in Dec. There were tons of great deals going on. I went with the intent of searching out a new helmet. I tried on lots of different kinds , full face and flip up. I ended up with an AGV Demon V-top , dark silver in colour,Snell 2000 and Dot approved. So has anyone else had/have experience with the AGV's. The fit was really good for me. Better than the Shoei, Arais,Sharks, Zeus,HJC etc etc.

How are they for wind noise? Not that it really matters now since I bought it.

BTW this is what it looks like here
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Allen, if its too cold to test the wind noise of your new helmet, you can try the dog trick of sticking your head out the car window. Be sure and let us know how that works! :lol:
Even if it makes a little noise , ear plugs will take care of it.
You got the most important single item in an approved helmet-----A Good Fit !
Buy the way, if you try the dog "thing"--don't slobber on the windows :lol:
You guys are too much. I never even thought of that......Thanks :wink:
I have an AGV GT Open.

Doesn't look like it's available for the US market though.

The front flips up, so you can talk to someone easily with taking the helmet off.

There is a fair bit of high pitched wind noise at speed and this seems to come from the visor not fitting fully flush with the foam surround around the chin piece of the helmet. The flip up design probably makes it more noisy than one piece designs.

It mists up badly in cold weather despite the rubber breath deflector thing. Nice and cozy in cold weather but hot in warm weather. The inside lining is removable for washing.

You can ride with the visor raised fully (not the chinpiece part) at moderate speeds without feeling that the helmet is about to rip your head off.
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I like IT! Hope it works out for you. It is similar in design to mine which is bright blue, I found the more oval shape fit my head better. I must have tried on DOZENS of full face helmets before I found one that fit perfectly. Congrats on the good find.

BTW...I tried the dog trick and almost knocked myself out pulling my head in the window...but then I am a women AND blonde! :roll:
Re: Ooooohhhhh!

ScubaGirl said:
BTW...I tried the dog trick and almost knocked myself out pulling my head in the window...but then I am a women AND blonde! :roll:
Mind you keep your fingers away from the up switch too :wink:
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