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:D Hi guys and of course gals. I'm 67 and have enjoyed reading the various topics. Was particulary interested in the "Average Age" line, since I am in the process of acquiring a 650 and this is my FIRST bike of anykind, thus was unsure of wether this was(is) a good move for me. I feel that the bikes (scooters) offer a sense of freedom that cant be met by any other mode of transportation. Would appreciate any encourging words!! Have a happy healthy New Year

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Hey Dunbar! Glad to hear you getting psych'ed.

My first bike, a 78' CB400A Honda could be pushed for several city blocks as I looked for gas (with no gas gauge) and its 412 pounds could be lifted onto a truck.

Not so for the 650 Burgman. The transmission has no neutral and it weighs in at more than 520 lbs .
Its weight is centered well but I don't recommend it to someone who is at an age where they might be losing substantial muscle mass.

Along with "test rides", a rider should pick up a comparably weighted 'junk' bike up in the position from where it rests when it is allowed (or made) to tip over and rest on its side.
Riding is one thing, but if you injure yourself in an attempt to save your motorcycle then it just isn't worth it, in my book.

The 400 Burgman however is friendly to ride and manouevre.

I welcome you to the group and only wish to read to you the precautionary tale before you set out.

Sales folks at many of these dealerships won't tell you about the full commitment you're about to sign-in for.

20 years ago there were many sizes of bikes for beginners but now the game starts at 250cc then jumps up to 600 and 700cc's with weight/mass/inertia forces that a beginner can't ease into like with a 350 or 400 or even a 450cc bike.

Unless a motorcycle is made of very expensive lightweight materials (and these aren't) you can go by engine size to determine average weight.
A bike frame that allows the rider to plant both feet flat on the ground at a stand-still is a plus, regardless of total weight.
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