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View attachment 20089 Hi all. Just picked up my first scooter, its an 2008 650 (click the pic for a large view) with 7400 miles. Been riding two wheelers for over 30 years. My father owns a 2003 Burg 400 and my wife loves when we borrow it for a that prompted me to get my own. My last bike, which is still in my garage till spring, is a 2000 Vulcan 800 classic. My wife never liked sitting on the sliver of foam Kawasaki called a passenger seat, so this new Burgman 650 is gonna be just the ticket for us to get out and do some longer rides.
Bought our Burgman 650 Ex this past spring. Since the purchase my wife will go with me almost anytime the temp is above 70. She loves this bike.

Oh, welcome to BUSA.

Doug in Kentucky
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