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Put my new clearview windshield on today. I ordered 2 sizes, the extra large and the medium. I previously had the old design clearview windshield, and the GIVI before that.
Some impressions: The GIVI had way too much windblast at my back, too much residual turbulance, and I didn't like the molded in indentations that were added to strengthen the windshield.
The 1st design clearview was much better, but still had a lot of wind spilling in around the sides.
The 2nd design clearview XL was quiet, but I don't like to look through a windshield and I noticed some wind hitting me from the back.
The 2nd design medium lets me look over the windshield, doesn't force wind to blow from the back, has good side protection, and with the addition of 2 washers under the front of the mounting bracket, has very smooth airflow.
Out of all these windshields I have to go with the clearview 2nd design medium.
I am 5'9" and wear an ARAI quantum full face helmet. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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