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New Burgman with Sidecar

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I have been lurking about reading posts to the form and have found it very interesting and helpful. Thanks especially to those of you who have posted maintenance tips--helped get me through the 600 mile checkup! I purchased a Burgman about 2 months ago and had a Velorex sidecar attached by Doug Bingham. I've noticed a fair amount of interest in the sidecar/trike setup, so I thought I'd let you all know how its worked for me.

Since I know from reading the sidecar postings that people are curious as to why a sidecar (or trike conversion), I'll tell you that for me it has to do with a disability that requires me to use a wheelchair. But I'll also say it is a blast, particularly if you want to give a ride to a kid or a dog, as I often do. It is, of course, quite a different style of riding, and has its own appeal. In the past I've ridden motorcycles quite a bit, and one thing I enjoy is the versatility and the ease of riding with a sidecar. Its a bit more relaxing than I remember two wheels being. In any case, I'll try and figure out how to post some pictures soon so you can all check it out.

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Greetings and welcome to the forum Brad :wave:

Looking forward to hearing and seeing pics of your setup. Good to hear that you're spreading the joy others including the 4 legged kind :thumbright:

Welcome! I'm glad that you are still able to ride with your disability. I admire that. Looking forward to some pictures when you can get to it!
Welcome to the forum. A gentleman in O'fallon, MO. has a sidecar on his motorcycle from which he operates the entire rig from his wheelchair in the sidecar. Ignition, steering, brakes, everything is relocated to the car. He's always in it around town and loves it. I hope you find yours as enjoyable. We all will beg for photos. These folks on here have so much knowledge--shoot questions at 'em. It's good to have you along.
Welome to the BurgmanUSA forums Brad. Glad to have you join us. There are several forum members (including me) that appreciate hearing about your sidecar experience. Photos would be outstanding. One of the furum members (Chickenman) is currently shopping for sidecars and your knowledge would be helpful to him. Looking forward to more of your posts.
Hi Brad

WELCOME to the forum :wave:

Do you have the 400 (Svelte Burger) or the 650 (LAB)?

Look forward to seeing the pictures.
Thanks for all the encouragement. I have the fat Blue 650 ('03)--need all the horsies I can get to move that sidecar up and over the hills of North County, San Diego--although as I understand it Armec makes their sidecars for the 400 only.

I found the '03 sitting around a dealer in Los Angeles, and got a pretty fair price--paid about $6400.

If someone can give me an idea of how to post pics I'll get some up.
Brad said:
If someone can give me an idea of how to post pics I'll get some up.
See this topic:

Gallery Account Instructions
Welcome, Brad. I rode a lot in your area in the early '70's (Navy guy). You've got some great roads out there. Enjoy!

As for Chickenman, I'm hoping to meet him next month. Hopefully, he'll have some idea (and pictures) of the sidecar he's going to get, though he doesn't expect to have it yet. Pretty exciting stuff. 8)

Had my wife on Burgman for first time last night, she does not like on back, cant see anything ahead, so she mentioned a sidecar, only half serious, but may look into it. What is avaiable for the 650, and anyone know of plans to build a sidecar, i do not like the look of most of the bodys on them, so would have to design my own starship, dont like the boxy look :wink: Wayne
Alright, I've posted a couple of pics of my Burgman with the sidecar. As I mentioned, one of the benefits is a comfy, fairly safe ride for dog and kid (see pic).

Wayne (and others who might be thinking about a sidecar), here's a few things to consider. The sidecars that I know of that are made for scooters in the US are produced by the Texas Sidecar Co., and by Armec--you can look at either of them on the web. However, I imagine that most smaller sidecars could be mounted to a Burgman and there are a few European models made specifically for scooters as well. In any case, the real issue is not finding a sidecar, but finding a way to mount it--most mounts are made to fit motorcycle frames. The mounts on mine were made custom by Doug Bingham at Sidestrider near Los Angeles. Its not all that easy to find someone willing to do the mounting, as there are liability issues that scare off many. I was told by a couple of companies that they flat out wouldn't mount one on a scooter because of liability concerns.

That said, if you are really interested you might start by contacting the Texas Sidecar Co., and see if they have developed a mounting kit for the Burgman. You can also take a look at their online images to see if you like the look. I believe I read that they were in the process of this, but so far their focus seems to be the Silverwing. The mounts that I have do not allow for the car to be easily removed, and therefore I wouldn't recommend my setup for anyone not willing to commit to a sidecar setup full time.

One more thing to think about is the cost--it ain't cheap! I believe I spent about the minimum amount without doing the install myself. I spent about $1800 on the Velorex, $500 for an upgraded wheel & suspension, and $500 for the custom install. With taxes it came out to about $3200. The Velorex is about the least expensive sidecar on the market, so expect to spend more if you buy another brand.

Hope I haven't completely deterred anyone and everyone! If I have, check out the pictures and you might find it too cool to resist.

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Nice looking sidecar setup Brad. Thanks for posting the pics.
Looks good Brad! I am assuming from the pictures that the upgraded wheel and suspension was on the sidecar (not the scooter)?

I'm also wondering if you do your own service on the Burgman? My thought is that some motorcycle shops might not want to service the scooter with the sidecar attached (not set up with a lift that would work)?
Yes, the upgraded wheel & shock was on the sidecar. I did the 600 mile service, but I'm not sure I will want to tackle bigger jobs. Hopefully, I'll be able to get service if I need it. If not, I'll have to go through the hassle of disconnecting it (it can be done, just not quickly).
Nice job Brad!

Here is a link to Brad's Pics - Sidecar

I was intrigued with the luggage net between the bike and the car - is that to carry stuff or to catch the dog should he jump out?
Thanks Brad, yea they are expensive, I need some thing that i can take off easy, would only be using it 10% of time when wife wants to go for a ride. Would be cheaper for me to rent a limousine and let her follow me, he he. If I could see one i could build the hardware. :idea: Wayne
seatec said:
If I could see one i could build the hardware.
Going to see a sidecar dealer sounds like a great excuse to go for a long ride on the Burgman. ;)
Nice looking rig, Brad. I don't think the price is bad considering what you got. Enjoy! :D
I love it!


I love it! I've got to show this pics to my wife.

Welcome to the forum!

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