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New Burgman 400 Owner...from Canada eh?

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So I traded in my 08 B-King for a new Burgman 400 "Limited".....not exactly quite the same acceleration ;) but insurance here in this province has gone crazy. $200/month for the King and now $38 comes out of my account per month for the Burg. Not to mention the fuel mileage savings.

This one came with heated grips, backrest and a "Limited" decal on the back but cant find anything online about it....must be a Canada thing I guess.

First off, the windshield sucks....which most of you who are 5'9 'or taller already know. When I first rode it home, driving 30-40 mph felt like there was a 40 mph wind gust going on but when I looked at the tree branches standing still, it confirmed my suspicions.
I checked Suzuki OEM accessories the next day and found they actually make a "sport" windshield (which I see nobody here or the other forums has mentioned) which is quite a bit shorter AND tinted. Ordered it that day and hopefully be here next week. In the meantime, complete removal of the w/s was done and that alone made a huge difference.

I'm probably going to get a pipe for it as the stock sound is a bit anemic to me but the Dr Pulley sliders are going to be my next purchase. 18/19G seems to be the weight of choice for performance/RPM drop at highway speeds but as another member mentioned, installing these upside down dramatically increased the performance of this scoot. Any drawbacks to doing this?

There are a lot of Harley/sportbike riders here in this province but I think I'll be seeing more "bigger" scooters if the province wants to keep upping their rates.
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There's lots of data on sliders in various threads. Might not be a good idea to start a new one :D
In North America the distances are usually larger, that's why most people prefer 18+ g sliders. I know many people go for 16 in Germany and report good taking off results. However Burger is more a cruiser tourer than sport, so the heavier weights seem more justified.
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