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New article on Burgman vs. Majesty

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In the Nov./Dec. 2004 issue of Cycle Canada there is a very good write up on the Burgman 400 compared to the Yamaha Majesty . I just got mine in the mail on friday .
Couple of the conclusions were :
1. " Although the Yamaha engine is slightly bigger and a twin cam design , the Majesty feels sluggish moving from a stop , and the Burgman leaves it behind - until cruising speed is reached . At 110 km/h , the Yamaha seems relaxed , its engine spinning about 1,000 rpm slower than the Suzuki's , which turns at an indicated 6,000 rpm . At that speed roll-ons are consistently in the Yamaha's favour , as is top speed , which is an indicated 150 km/h , 10 km/h more than the Burgman . Both machines can maintain highway cruising speeds effortlessly , though passing power is marginal , especially on the Burgman . "
2. " In urban stop-and-go we'd give the nod to peppier Burgman , but the more serene Majesty works better over longer highway trips ."

Hope you get to read the whole article and have some feed back on what the test riders had to say .
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I test rode a Majesty yesterday. I would agree with their comments, except I might change the emphasis and say the Majesty all situations seems to run better than the Burgman 400 except for dead stop accelerations. The Majesty does not have the sluggish zone from 25 to 50 mph, like th Burgman 400. I also think the Majesty runs smoother, rides a little smoother, the seat seems more comfortable. I rode it single an two up. I was impressed the the Majesty. If I was going to a 400 again, I would buy one.
I have considered both but for some reason I don't like the looks of the Majesty as well as the Burgman 400. I think it is the back end more so than the front. In fact the front looks cool. If all goes well I should get one here soon. Possibly a 2005 Burgman 400. Dealer said he should be able to get me one in a couple of weeks. We will see.
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