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New arrival

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Hi all , Hope what I have read on this great site to be factual. Just signed on the dotted line to-day to take delivery of a 2004 burgman 650.I have an st1100 in the garage and am hoping I didn't make a mistake. Just needed to try the new trend. Have snow now but spring is only a few months away. :D
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Hey Rev and welcome to the site. I live just down the road from you. Ok well a lot down the road from you. But it would be a great ride to come up to your area. I can pretty well guarantee you that you won't regret your new purchase. Are you trading in your st1100?
No I didn't trade the ST1100 in on the Burgman, but will put it up for sale in June. Called the dealer to-day and off to pick the Burgman up in the morning. Found the insurance cost to be about the same as the ST1100. Not much choice in the shopping around bit. And Allwalk let me know and we will go for a ride, you are only 6 hours of good riding away.Great information site.
New owner

[/b] Thanks for all the great inputs that this site have given!!
It has been an important tool in my prosess of buying a burg 650.
I live in Norway - Gudbrandsdalen and the season for riding does not start (comfortably) before may. Will take the burg through europe alps this summer as a start. Have had a yamaha 250 majesty and look forward to the upgrade.
8) lars
welcome Lars and congrats on the new bike.
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