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New 650 executive. 2011 still on showroom floor

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Got a 03 400 liked it. got a 06 400 a week later liked it then saw and test drove a 650 (5-20-13)and was a done deal what a nice ride. Bought it :thumbup:
I am 68 and have had little over 50 bikes in 40 years (sport,baggers,Goldwings ,BMW's)of riding and this sure is a nice setup.It feels like a motorcycle with a auto transmission . Reminders me a lot of the FJR-A I had.
Bikes have changed a lot in the last 40 years. When I look at some of the old bikes I had it reminds me where we came from. Kick starts ,no signals,carbs ,no ABS,no helmets and we know no better. My first bike was 46 or47 Indian with a magneto and a three speed trans with the shifter on the side of the tank. That started the love of motors for me.
Live in Redding Ca. North of Sacremento a area that is a great place for bike riding.
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Welcome Steve....
got another 650 rider just up the road from you...
Dave (Miboso) lives in Weed, on the I-5....
and he rides everywhere...
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